All You Need to Know Concerning Bail Bonds


When a person is arrested and arraigned in court, the advocates defendant lawyers ask the court to free the person. The court in return may decide to free the accused but on different conditions. One of the most used conditions is for the accused to pay a bail or a bail bond. A bail is an amount the court sets for the person in order to act as insurance between the defendant and the court.

It is a requirement that the person pays a bail in cash. However, the set amount is high and many people may not have such amount of money at that moment. Due to this fact, they tend to look for help from a bail agent, company or a bail bondsman service provider. This service provider posts the bail on behalf of the defendant. See more here on this link.

A bail bond is basically a type of surety that is provided by a bond or surety company to secure the release of a defendant. This service is offered by a bail bondsman or agent. There are two types of bail bonds. The first is civil and the other one is criminal. A civil bail bond is where the surety is provided on civil cases as a guarantee where the payment includes costs, interests, and debts that the defendant has incurred.

When it comes to a criminal bail bond, the amount charged is to act as a guarantee that the accused or defendant will appear for trial every time the court calls him or her. The amount also cats as guarantee that any fine or penalty decided can be retrieved. A Hollywood bail bonds service will work in a less complicated manner. The court will decide the bail amount the defendant will pay.

If he does not have the said amount, he will seek for a bail bonds van Nuys agent or service provider in order to raise the set amount. This amount now becomes the bail bond. The agent will get at least ten percent of the bail amount from the amount provided. The service provider will then look for collateral or security for the amount provided by the assets of the defendant.

If the defendant does not have enough properties to act as collateral, the service provider can look for the relatives of the defendant who will assist in covering the remaining bail amount. However, when looking for bail bond service, you need to get the services from a licensed, reputable and reliable service provider such as Bail Man Bail Bonds to avoid getting inconvenienced. The service provider should be transparent on his charges and fees and also be available twenty-four seven. Discover more on this link: