Bail Bonds 101 - What To Do When You Desperately Need to Secure your Release


When you are arrested, based on the severity of the case, you may get an opportunity to pay bail. Paying bail is simply a payment made to the court so that you can secure your freedom as you await trial. Of course, bail is awarded by the judge and depending on the crime committed, the amount may be determined through a bail hearing or may follow a preset bail schedule. Basically, the payment acts as a form of security for the court that you will appear for trial.

Now, in some situations, the amount set by the court may be more than what you can afford to pay out of pocket. Say for instance you are arrested in the middle of the month, and your paycheck is weeks away. It could also be the amount is more than you can raise; again depending on the severity and magnitude of the crime committed. What do you do in such a case when you desperately need to secure your freedom, and no one in your circle can raise the amount? This is where bail bonds come in. All you need to do is find a bails bondsman and based on their terms and conditions, you will be expected to put up a certain percentage of the bail set, and the bails bondsman will put up the rest, and you will secure your freedom. Easy right?

You must be wondering, why a bail bondsman would be ready and willing to part with their money to secure your freedom. What is in it for them? Since the court will typically refund the amount put up as bail when you show up for all your court dates. It means the amount you put up as a percentage of the bail will go to the bondsman or the bails agency which acts as their profit for securing your release. Bail bonds are a huge convenience and a great alternative to most people who face charges in court and don't have instant access to cash to secure their freedom. In other words, a bail bond in this case is a surety bond that guarantees the whole bail amount if you fail to hold your end of the deal that defined your release. Discover more info here:

Be sure to do your research well in advance to find a genuine bails bonding agency. Also note that some of these agencies will expect you to put up some collateral and once you turn up for all court cases as scheduled, the collateral is returned to you. Visit this site for more: